International Members Left Out of ACPA Credentialing

On January 11 ACPA announced a new “Credentialing Implementation Team.” As an engaged member of ACPA I received the e-mail like everyone else. I gave it a quick look – but I must admit I didn’t think too much about it. However on January 12 – Eric Stoller wrote an interesting blog post on “Certification for Student Affairs Professionals.”

One giant thing stuck out for me. Eric had cited a line from the joint ACPA/NASPA report from 2010 on “Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners”. The quote was that the “preferred means of entering the student affairs profession is via a master’s degree in college student affairs administration.” I actually could not find this sentence in the 2010 report. However it does exist in the February 2006 Preliminary report from ACPA’s Task Force on Certification.

Here’s my issue with this line. The US approach to College Student Personnel/Administration Masters programs is particularly vocational. Courses are built around preparing Student Affairs and Higher Ed practitioners. Many programs have internships and assistantship opportunities where graduate students get to try and learn from various areas of Student Affairs. Not all jurisdictions have this defined path into Student Affairs positions. For example here in Canada we essentially have no Student Affairs masters programs. In fact, many Student Affairs professionals have an undergraduate degree. This is definitely changing and Canadians are seeing more and more positions in Student Affairs recommending/requiring a masters degree. However the path of undergraduate -> Student Affairs Master Program -> Position Student Affairs is rare; particularly for Student Affairs generalists. Many Canadian Student Affairs professionals with a masters degree completed it part-time in topics such as Higher Ed, Teaching and Leadership or Business Administration.

Granted ACPA is the American College Personnel Association. However on the main page of their website under the ACPA logo is says “College Student Educators International.” I can not dispute the benefits of being plugged-in and involved with ACPA. I appreciate the research and expertise that pour out of this organization. The US is truly a leader in Student Affairs. However I believe ACPA missed an opportunity to benefit from other perspectives and engage the international membership in this competency and credentialing process. It is no surprise that the entire Credentialing Implementation Team is based at US institutions.

I want to acknowledge ACUHO-I in this area. I know they are actively engaging international members in several initiatives. A few examples that I am familiar with: Jenny Owens from the Student Housing Services team at Ryerson University participated in the early development of the Certificate in Occupancy Management. ACUHO-I also honoured my supervisor Glen Weppler with the Global Initiatives Award in 2011 for his contribution in helping internationalize the organization.

All that said. There are certainly folks from around the globe that would love to be involved in the discussion in any way possible. I believe as a field – we will all benefit from the conversation.

Global Leadership

This week there has been some tense political situations in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and the Ivory Coast. It got me thinking about leadership development around the globe. Country’s like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia are examples of nations struggling to create strong governments in recent power vacuums.

Most of my favourite leadership books are are quite American. It got me thinking about global perspectives of leadership. Are there good books on leadership from a non-western perspective that we all (as global citizens) should be reading? Can leadership be taught globally without colonizing international leadership with western perspectives?

On January 26th, 2011 I posted the following message on twitter:

Anyone familiar with any leadership education (book, courses, articles, etc.) that is not based in a Western world view? Please RT #sachat

    The List:

The following folks chimed in. I want to thank them for their suggestions:

kiakahamcg Jan 26, 11:11pm via Twitter for iPad
@chadtweets as cheesy as it is, the movie whale rider. Or the book cry the beloved country.

Hanigsberg Jan 26, 10:13pm via Web
@chadtweets Dalai Lama Art of Happiness?

shawnbrackett Jan 26, 9:30pm via Twitter for iPhone
@chadtweets “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. Originates in Toltec culture, very applicable, and simple.

Rob_Em Jan 26, 9:30pm via Web
@chadtweets Art of War by Sun Tzu? I’m only half joking…

LisaTetzloffJan 26, 9:15pm via Web
@chadtweets You might try *Soul, Salsa & Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age* by Bordas #sachat

I must admit – I have some reading to do.


Migrated site from Blogger to WordPress

Migrated site from Blogger to WordPress this afternoon.  I’ve been meaning to do it every since Google/Blogger announced they were no longer supporting remotely hosted sites. I’ve been unable to add new posts to my blogger blog for quite some time.

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ACPA Technology Advisory Committee

Hey all,

Wanted to make a quick post to let you know that I have been selected to be on the ACPA Technology Advisory Committee (TAC). I am very excited!

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Book: The Effective Executive

This is in no way a review. Just a post to recommend the purchase and consumption of Peter F. Drucker’s The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done.

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Best session/speaker/book you’ve been impressed by?

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804 Murderous Meetings and the 1-on-1

This is a follow-up blog post for those who attended 804 session @ ACUHO-I on Tuesday afternoon. If you weren’t present at the presentation then this post may be too basic to be helpful. If there is an interest, then Glen and I can do a follow-up post.

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