Naming Rights: Downtown, Urban and For Sale?

Ryerson University announced the much rumoured purchase of Sam the record Man property (picturee above) on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto. The old Sam’s location will be the new Student Learning Centre (artist concept right).

I’m writing in speculation. How long before rumours of corporate naming rights on the auction block? I just felt you shudder … you are thinking about Wal-Mart U already. There are examples of U.S. institutions selling naming rights to corporations – particularly stadiums at institutions that no-doubt pack their stadiums. I heard rumours that there is legislation restricting corporate naming of public buildings in Ontario. I have been unable to verify this.

A downtown, urban university like Ryerson has no stadium (yet). However it is positioned at the centre of Toronto. Ryerson’s Business school is on Bay Street (see Wall St), the campus is a block from Yonge & Dundas Square (see Times Square) and around the corner to one of the largest malls in Canada the Eaton Centre. Should naming rights be worth more in a neighbourhood like this?

Ryerson University has fairly recent experience with high profile naming rights with the Rogers Communications Centre (pictured bottom) and the Ted Rogers School of Management (picture above). Both were named after Rogers’ family members rather than the coroporate trademark – apprently to skirt the legislation.

So the new Learning Centre? The Thomson Learning Centre? The Weston Learning Centre? The Eaton Learning Centre? Oooo … the Trump Learning Centre? We will see.

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