804 Murderous Meetings and the 1-on-1

This is a follow-up blog post for those who attended 804 session @ ACUHO-I on Tuesday afternoon. If you weren’t present at the presentation then this post may be too basic to be helpful. If there is an interest, then Glen and I can do a follow-up post.

Thoughts about meetings from the crowd:
- more meetings there further you move up
- too long
- hard to keep everyone’s attention
- unskilled facilitators
- attendance issues
- can accomplish the same tasks via e-mail
- too busy for meetings!
- difference in meeting culture

2 Major Problems with Meetings from Lencioni:
- Boring
- Ineffective

Lencioni feels meetings lack:
- Drama
- Structure

How meetings are similar to movies from the crowd:
- plot (beginning, middle, end)
- they cost a lot
- leading and supporting characters
- Importance of the first 5 mins
- as it nears the end you know if you can predict a sequel
- roughly 2 hours in length

Types of Meetings (4 from Lencioni, 2 from us)
1. 1on1
2. Daily Check-in
3. Weekly Tactical
4. Monthly Strategic
5. Quarterly Off-Site Review
6. Team Development

Cool Resources on Improving your meetings
- Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable…About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business
- Manager Tools

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