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This week there has been some tense political situations in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and the Ivory Coast. It got me thinking about leadership development around the globe. Country’s like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia are examples of nations struggling to create strong governments in recent power¬†vacuums.

Most of my favourite leadership books are are quite American. It got me thinking about global perspectives of leadership. Are there good books on leadership from a non-western perspective that we all (as global citizens) should be reading? Can leadership be taught globally without colonizing international leadership with western perspectives?

On January 26th, 2011 I posted the following message on twitter:

Anyone familiar with any leadership education (book, courses, articles, etc.) that is not based in a Western world view? Please RT #sachat

    The List:

The following folks chimed in. I want to thank them for their suggestions:

kiakahamcg Jan 26, 11:11pm via Twitter for iPad
@chadtweets as cheesy as it is, the movie whale rider. Or the book cry the beloved country.

Hanigsberg Jan 26, 10:13pm via Web
@chadtweets Dalai Lama Art of Happiness?

shawnbrackett Jan 26, 9:30pm via Twitter for iPhone
@chadtweets “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. Originates in Toltec culture, very applicable, and simple.

Rob_Em Jan 26, 9:30pm via Web
@chadtweets Art of War by Sun Tzu? I’m only half joking…

LisaTetzloffJan 26, 9:15pm via Web
@chadtweets You might try *Soul, Salsa & Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age* by Bordas #sachat

I must admit – I have some reading to do.


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